100 days to offload

I'm attempting a challenge

#100DaysToOffload is a novel challenge for bloggers, created by Kev Quirk, in which you try to make 100 blog posts within a year. This is quite difficult, but I have an idea that it may be the push I need for me to actually keep this blog active. I think it might help with my writing skills too.

A while back I was browsing Mastodon and ran into 100 days to offload. I thought that it looked quite interesting, so I bookmarked it and left it dormant. Just recently I was going through all of my bookmarks and rediscovered it. Now seeing that it still seems worthwhile to me, I’m going to give it a shot this time.

If you read my post 3/2/24 - What happened to the old neb.cx?, you’d know that I had a technical disaster and lost my entire website and blog along with it. I think this may actually end up being an opportunity to review what software I use, and how I use it. For now, this will likely be the topic of my posts.

I need a lot of work done to get my websites and infrastructure back to a spot that I am content with, so hopefully I can manage to take this blog (and you, reader) along for the ride.